EMPA Board supporting Ukrainian Pilots

The EMPA Board of Directors has ensured their ongoing support and solidarity to our colleagues in Ukraine. They know they can count on EMPA to offer assistance in any way.

The EMPA Board has expressed their deep sympathy by sending a letter to the President of the Ukrainian association of maritime pilots and by asking all EMPA Member Associations if they would be able to accommodate the families and friends of our colleagues.

We have already received several messages from individual pilots as well as from their associations that they will cooperate with all possible means to offer the refugees a safe home port where possible.

We wish our members, their families and friends all our support and for them to safely recover from the unprecedented aggressive attack they have been exposed to recently.

For more information, please send an e-mail to the EMPA office at office@empa-pilots.eu

EMPA board supporting letter to Ukrainian Pilot Association