General Meeting Resolutions

  1. To continue to impress on government administrations, port authorities and commercial stakeholders of the paramount requirement to maintain the safety of navigation, protection of the environment and efficiency of port services by providing, maintaining and utilising properly regulated, non-competitive pilotage services, in compliance with local legislation and regulations and internationally agreed standards and conventions.
  2. To continue to impress on Port and Flag state administrations the need to enforce international and national regulations regarding the construction, rigging and operation of pilot boarding arrangements regardless of commercial pressures.
  3. To continue to encourage members to embrace and utilise traditional, current and evolving technologies appropriate to prevailing conditions and circumstances to achieve best practice in the performance of professional duties.
  4. To continue to encourage member associations to constantly monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their own services and engage with clients and other stakeholders.
  5. To continue to encourage pilotage bodies as they are public safety services to always be transparent in their affaires.


* 52nd EMPA GM Resolution 13th April 2018

* 53rd EMPA GM Resolution 24th May 2019