Mission statement


  • Pilotage is primarily a port safety system for the protection of waterways, port facilities and the wider community.
  • Pilotage is a service that operates in the interest of public safety.
  • Pilots provide independent dynamic assistance to the ships they guide as well as information about the surrounding traffic and protecting the environment.
  • Pilots are closely involved with the development of EU and IMO maritime safety policies.
  • Pilots play an important role in the improvement of Port State Control by the EU.


  • To provide Professional and Safe Pilotage
  • To promote the Education and Training of Maritime Pilots
  • To ensure Continued Proficiency
  • To develop International Quality and Safety Standards for Maritime Pilots
  • To build on the profound Maritime Experience of its members
  • To ensure the Medical Fitness of Maritime Pilots
  • To take an active part in EU Research Programmes
  • To work with Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)
  • To make use of Formal Safety Assessment procedures
  • To work with Port Authorities and Harbourmasters on both technical and safety matters.