EMPA Charter

In order to take up the dual challenge of the pilotage service regarding the safety and the competitiveness of maritime traffic, the European Maritime Pilots formulated and adopted the EMPA Charter at Amsterdam on May 2011 at the 45th EMPA General Meeting.

Firstly, the Charter deals with safety requirements, such as regulation of pilotage, means of pilot’s transfer, participation of pilots in Port State Control and VTS, deep sea and shore-based pilotage, training and certification, the pilot-master and pilot-bridge-team co-operation and the pilot’s role in maritime security. Secondly, the charter deals with efficiency requirements of the pilot organization, such as autonomy of management, pilotage tariffs, harmonization of compulsory pilotage bases and PECs and implementation of a quality management system. Thirdly and fourthly, the charter recommends focussing on sustainability and on research and development.