EMPA presents new Safe Harbour Towage Operations Guidelines

The European Maritime Pilot Association (EMPA) and European Tugowners Association (ETA) presents a new video on safe and efficient harbour towage operations. These guidelines described in the video were defined in close collaboration from both associations. This animation summarises the necessary steps that tugmasters, pilots and vessel captains should take in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of port towage operations.

To reach the highest safety standards, good communication between all the participants in the mooring operations is a must. Essential information like communication channels, vessel deficiencies or the vessel´s safe pushing points must be included in the towage plan and shared with all the parties. This clear communication creates an efficient and safe working environment, helping captains, tugmasters and pilots to enhance safe manoeuvres in ports.

This animation complements the EMPA-ETA guidelines for safe harbour towage operations published in 2015. You can find them here or on our document page.