53rd EMPA GM Resolutions

The European Maritime Pilots’ Association (EMPA) is pleased that it maintains strong ties and fruitful cooperation with other maritime stakeholders. It is with great pleasure that we welcome the new European Tugowners’ Association (ETA) – EMPA Guidelines. These guidelines will contribute to increase the safety of tug crews and mitigate the risks of challenging mooring operations.

The industry is giving a great focus on the safety of personnel onboard the tugs by introducing new technology that is going to improve the safety and efficiency of pilotage/towage operations.

Human factors play a key role in pilotage operations. These factors need to be assessed as part of our continuous professional development. Continued focus should be taken on pilot training and especially on Bridge Resource Management (BRM) as covered by International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution A.960.

Liverpool, 24 May 2019