Kayak for Charity In Aid of Inspire Foundation​

Dorian and Albert, the duo known as ‘Kayak for Charity‘, will be paddling by kayak from Malta to Sicily, circumnavigating Sicily and paddling back to our islands. The distance for this paddle is approximately 554.47 Nautical Miles (1026.88 km). The entire journey will take between 20 to 25 days, all depending on the weather conditions.

Following the crossing between Malta and Sicily, which will take around 12 to 15 hours, the pair will start kayaking around Sicily, stopping each night to put up a tent, rest and resume kayaking in the mornings. After circumnavigating Sicily, they will crossover back to Malta.

The coastal part of the journey will be done unassisted, however, they will be making use of an escort vessel for the crossing to and from Sicily.

Support Kayak for Charity by donating. To do so you may use the donation buttons on the right. If you would like to donate any amount which is not listed, you may call +356 9983 5106 or send an email to fundraising@inspire.org.mt

The Participants

Dorian Vassallo

is 62 years of age and has been kayaking since the summer of 2005. He does everything wholeheartedly and there is no stopping him!

Albert Gambina

is 60 years of age and is a Master Mariner and a Marine Pilot. He is at his best when at sea. He has been a kayaker since 2006.